Weekly Analysis of Shillong, Khanapara & Juwai Teer Results | 30 Sept – 06 Oct 2019

Hey folks. How are you all. How many of you won this week ?Hope most of you are winning your teer game. Those who are not winning the game must check this week result analysis in order to get some better understanding about the game. In this post we will try to analyze result of Shillong teer , Khanapara & Juwai Teer game declared on last week starting from 30th September 2019 to 06th October 2019. As we have crated this segment from last week to analyse teer game results on weekly basis. We will try to extract some important key points from last week results which will surely benefit you in the long term career of this game. Let us start .

Shillong Teer Weekly Result Analysis [from 30th Sept to 06th Oct 2019]

Date FR SR
30-Sept-2019 11 83
01-Oct-2019 63 80
02-Oct-2019 58 10
03-Oct-2019 08 86
04-Oct-2019 22 81
05-Oct-2019 61 90
06-Oct-2019 OFF OFF

Key Points

  1. If we look at Teer Shillong FR results in above mentioned period we can see that two pair numbers (11 & 22) appeared in the list.
  2. The FR result list also contains two 6 House numbers.
  3. Last week Shillong teer SR list was more interesting than the FR list. As you can see that the SR list contains four 8 House numbers (83,80,86,81) and three 0 ending numbers (80,10,90).

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Khanapara Teer Weekly Result Analysis [from 30th Sept- 06th Oct 2019]

Date FR SR
30-Sept-2019 16 37
01-Oct-2019 41 06
02-Oct-2019 23 36
03-Oct-2019 10 44
04-Oct-2019 67 24
05-Oct-2019 20 37
06-Oct-2019 OFF OFF

Key Points

  1. This week Khanapara FR results were completely unpredictable. But still we can conclude that the teer numbers in FR list are mostly less than 50 except the number 67.
  2. The SR results were amazing by the way. The number 37 was repeated twice in SR results this week.
  3. Moreover if we look closely in FR results in above table we can see that all the numbers are less than 50. Also numbers with ending 6 and ending 4 were repeated in consecutive days.

Juwai Teer Weekly Result Analysis [from 30 Sept – 06 Oct 2019]

Date FR SR
30-Sept-2019 84 04
01-Oct-2019 71 81
02-Oct-2019 19 69
03-Oct-2019 27 84
04-Oct-2019 39 46
05-Oct-2019 80 13
06-Oct-2019 OFF OFF

Key Points

  1. In FR of Last week Juwai results we can not extract much as we can see that there is only repeating event where 8 House is repeated twice.
  2. In SR also the 8 House numbers repeated twice.

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