What a relief ! Finally the Meghalaya Archery teer Game started after long gap

Hello our beloved readers. I hope everyone is maintaining social distancing. Well , finally many people got relief today as the Shillong Teer Game started today after a long gap due to Covid-19. After all this game is bread and butter for most of us here in Meghalaya. Its our tradition and more importantly this tir game is an income source for many.

Although this teer shillong game is often termed as betting game but this is not always true. If a player knew his/her limitation and use their brain then it will not hamper their financial condition.

Due to covid-19 pandemic this Shillong archery game has been called off for after 20th March 2020. People were so much curious about whether this game will open or not in future.

In past few weeks there has been so much news going on that the game will start from June 1st. But unfortunately, at that time the condition was not suitable to organize the game.

But today, the game is reorganized by strictly following some rules to comply with social distancing.

Some limits were imposed by the Meghalaya Archery Club to avoid gathering in the place.

Whatever may be as the game is started now, we are dedicated to provide fastest teer results in our website.

We also update daily common hit & target teer numbers to help people.

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