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 Teer Result Today @ 03/11/2018 

Hello viewers welcome to the world of Teer. Our website Teer of Shillong is specially designed to help people who are associated with teer games. Here, we will provide you daily Teer Result  such as Shillong Teer Result, Khanapara Teer Result, Night and Juwai Teer Result .

[Message] :

Before you use our website we have a message for you. The message is that We, the  Teer of Shillong is not an official website of Shillong, Khanapara or Juwai Teer games. We are not affiliated with them in any manner. There is a separate Shillong teer association that handles each and every aspects of the teer games. We are not belong to them in any manner. The results provided here is based on different online sources like teer counter which is freely available in the internet. You are browsing it at your own interest.

Teer of Shillong Result Declaration:

We  publish daily updates on Shillong Teer , Khanapara Teer , Juwai Teer Results and many other teer counter results. In this page you will get quick updates on Shillong , Assam, Juwai, Khanapara  near Guwahati Teer result on daily basis. However you may check all the teer previous/old results in our different pages by navigating to our menu items. If you are searching for teer result online then teer of shillong is the ultimate destination. 

Shillong Teer Result [updated everyday @4:30]  :

In this Section you can get daily Shillong Teer Result . However, we are not responsible for any kind of error that may occur in this today Shillong Teer Results. Here we publish daily Shillong teer result after 4:30 onwards.

                                                     Date : 03/Nov/2018                                                  

Shillong Teer Result Daily

Today Shillong Teer Result
First Round[FR]Second Round [SR]

Teer of Shillong Common Numbers   

Khanapara Teer Result [updated everyday @4:30]  : [border parts of meghalaya ]

In this section you will find Khanapara Teer . The accuracy of the Khanapara Teer Result may not be 100 % . Here we publish daily results of KP Teer after 4:30 onwards.

Date : 03/Nov/2018                                        

Khanapara Teer Result Today

Today Khanapara Teer Result
First Round[FR]Second Round [SR]
88 XX

Juwai Teer Result [updated everyday @2:30]  :

In this section you will find  Juwai Teer Result . The accuracy of the Juwai Teer Result may not be 100 % true. Here we publish daily teer results of Juwai Teer after 2:30 onwards.

Date : 03/Nov/2018 

Juwai Teer Result Today

Today Juwai Teer Result
First Round[FR]Second Round [SR]

Shillong Night Teer result [updated everyday @9:30 pm] :

In this section you will get results of Shillong Night Teer . Here we publish daily results of Shillong Night Teer after 9:30 onwards.

Date : 03/Nov/2018

Shillong Night Teer Result Today

Today Shillong Night Teer Result
First Round[FR]Second Round [SR]

Manipur Teer Result [updated everyday @4:30] :

In this section you will be provided Teer Results of Manipur Teer . The accuracy of the Shillong Teer Result may not be 100 % . Here we publish daily teer results of ManipurTeer after 4:30 onwards.

Date : 03/Nov/2018

Manipur Teer Result Today

Today Manipur Teer Result
First Round[FR]Second Round [SR]


Along with daily Teer Result we also provide archive of teer previous result. In our website you will get  teer previous result of the Teer of Shillong i.e Shillong Teer , teer  previous result , Khanapara teer , Juwai, Shillong Night Teer. You will also find Teer Dream Numbers and  Common number in our website.

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Khanapara Teer Previous Results 

 Juwai Teer Previous Results 

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Teer Target Today with All Important Links

Click below links for various Teer Results 
Shillong Teer Target Shillong Teer Common Number Today
Teer Dream Numbers Check Shillong Teer Result
Teer Result Today Juwai Khanapara Shillong Teer results
Juwai Teer Result Teer Target Today

Important Terms/Factors Used in Teer Games :

Well playing a teer game and getting success at first attempt was never easier and it will never be unless you have a brief knowledge about few important factors/terms that we will be discussing below. However it is not necessarily be the only condition that will make you win a teer game. But if you talk with any pro or regular teer player he or she will surely suggest you to learn the principles of following terms. At Teer of Shillong we feel that you must understand the below terms.

Teer Common Numbers :

Teer common number which is also known as Teer Target Number is considered as one of the important factors that can help you to win a teer game. Teer Common numbers are calculated using some formula where input is given as the previous teer results numbers. Some arithmetic operation is done with the previous results to find teer target numbers. We have a detailed report on Teer Common Numbers. Check it Out here.

Teer Previous Resut :

If you want make good amount of worth then you must build your habit to keep track of teer previous result. Teer previous or old results numbers can help you in so many ways. Using previous result of teer you can derive new methodology or patern for wining a teer game effectively. Also you can derive teer common numbers using the previous results. In Teer Common Number section we have a guide for you on how to derive Teer Common Numbers using Teer Previous Results. Also we publish previous teer results for shillong teer , Juwai teer and khanapara teer games. Check out this links of Teer Previous Result Khanapara,  Teer Previous Result Shillong, and Teer Previous Result Juwai. 

Teer Dream Number :

If you made your mind to play teer games in your life then you may be surprised with dream numbers in your journey. Teer Dream Numbers are collection of different numbers along with a dream associated with it. You may win your numbers based on your last night dream. We have listed down various types of dreams and associated dream numbers with each of them. Click here to see the teer dream numbers and target numbers of Teer of Shillong.

Teer of Shillong – The BAAP of TEER Games

Teer News Flash 

Teer of Shillong game has a huge potential and hence the Government of Meghalaya legalized it. Now the government is working for expansion of this teer game in foreign countries. Soon the govt. will be talking with interational companies for expanding this game hoping to gain some tourism possibilities. This teer news will surely boost your thinking.

 Popularity Chart of different teer games : 

Shillong Teer


Khanapara Teer


Juwai Teer


Other Teer Games


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