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Teer Previous Result

Welcome to Teer Results website.

Shillong, Khanapara, Juwai Teer Previous Results

If you are looking for teer previous result list then you are at the right place. Probably you know the fact that sometimes old game results can help you to win a teer game. If you continuously track previous months teer game results then you will be able to predict the counter upcoming results within minutes. Here we will discuss how to analyze old teer outcomes and accordingly make strategies for future games.

Teer Previous Results
Link 1 Shillong Teer Previous Results
Link 2 Khanapara Teer Previous Results
Link 3 Juwai Teer Previous Results

Roles of Teer Previous Results and How to predict

In this section we will discuss how previous teer game results plays an important role in predicting future outcomes. Basically, results of teer games for a particular day can depend on many factors such as today’s date, month name, dreams, Hit numbers etc. To become a perfect teer player you should have basic understanding of Hit numbers and Dream numbers. Moreover you should have strong thinking ability.

Pro Tips & Tricks to Analyse Old Teer Game Outcomes

Following are the important points that you must notice in previous result analysis.

If there is a pair number (such as 44, 55 etc) we recommend you to note the date and previous result of the day because there is a possibility of teer making number patterns. One also should make a note when a result number is same as the date of the day or inverse of the day. If there is a repeating number on the same day of two consecutive months you must keep a not of it.

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