Following are few Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] about TeerOfShillong.com

1/ What is Teer Of Shillong ?

Ans:- Teer Of Shillong or teerofshillong.com is an online blog/website that is dedicated to provide results of various teer games played in North Eastern region of India. At Teer of Shillong one can find daily updates on Shillong Teer Results , Khanapara Teer Results , Juwai and Manipur Teer Results. Along with that you can find various guides or discussion in this website.

2/ Who is the webmaster of the site TeerOfShillong.com and from which place it is operated ?

Ans :-  There is no single webmaster for teerofshillong.com website. We work as a team and it is operated from SHILLONG.

3/ Do the results published in TeerOfShillong.com are 100% Accurate ?

Ans:- We cannot guarantee that the results published in this website are 100% accurate.  But at the same time we want to inform you that the results published in this website is taken from reputed online sources. Hence there is very little chance of error in the teer results.

4/ Is TeerOfShillong.com is an Official website of Teer Game or operated by officials of teer games ?

Ans:- No , TeerOfShillong.com is not an official website of Teer Association. We are running our site completely on private funds.

5/ Do the owner of TeerOfShillong.com plays teer games ?

Ans:- No, none of us are associated with playing teer games.

6/ Do TeerOfShillong is an organizer of teer games ?

Ans:- No , we are not the teer game organizer.

7/ Do we , teerofshillong.com asks money ?

Ans: No, we don’t take any money from our visitors or anyone. It is a information purpose website. We strictly saying that we are not accepting or asking the users for money in any form. If someone asks money on behalf of us then they are fake. Don’t get trapped . Don’t provide money to anyone . Stay safe.